Fiverr Keyword Research | How to Rank Your Gig

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms that Pakistanis are using to earn money online. With millions of transactions every day, you must be thinking why you are not one of the thousand of Pakistanis who are earning money on Fiverr. Well, that’s because you are not doing the proper Fiverr Keyword Research to rank your Gigs properly. To rank your Fiverr Gig, you will have to make the description a bit ‘Search Engine Friendly’. Why are we saying this? That’s because Fiverr is a Search Engine after all. People go on Fiverr, search for the services they need to buy, Fiverr lists them up, the buyers buy the Gig, and everyone is happy!

If your Gig is no where in the results, then obviously you will find difficulty in making money. People won’t come and see you and obviously if they don’t see you, they won’t buy it. So, how to rank your Gig at the first page so you see some sales? That’s what this post is all about. Make sure you read the full post and follow the steps.

Know what words your buyers will be using:

This is the image for Fiverr Keyword Research.

If you know all the variations of the words that your buyers will be using to find you, you can put them in the Gig description organically. Doing so would help the Fiverr Engine determine what your Gig is about. When it comes to the search engines, relevancy is all there is. The more relevant words you use the better you will rank on Fiverr. That’s why you have to make sure that you conduct a good Fiverr Keyword Research.

  • To know what the people are looking for and what terms they are using, you can go to Google put in the service you are providing in the search, scroll to the bottom and look at the questions people are searching for. This is the easiest method to conduct a small keyword research. You can bas the Gig description from the ideas you get from the Google Page.
  • The second way you can find that out is to go to Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest, put in the service you are providing and click on content ideas. The ideas you get from there are what the people serious about buying a Gig would be searching for.
  • The third way you can do Keyword research for your Fiverr Gig is to go to other people’s Gigs (which are ranking) and see what specific terms those people are using that are related to your niche. Make your description by using those words.

What to do after the Keyword Research is done?

This is the image for building content.

After you are through the keyword research, build your content for the description. We recommend making it in Word so that you can keep the records of the Gigs which rank the best, and just edit the Word Doc and make another description for another Gig. After you are near the word limit, start bolding the relevant terms. Make sure that you only bold the terms that you rank for. That’s a way to tell the search engines that the particular terms are the most important in the content.

Image SEO:

Yes, image SEO is quite important when it comes to ranking a Gig. It’s quite simple when it comes to Fiverr. You just must save the name of the image that you are going to use as the Keyword that you want to rank for and then add it to the Gig. We recommend that you add at least 3 images using your keyword so that you don’t miss any opportunity. That again depends on what the other people whose Gig is ranking for are doing. If all the people have less than 3 images you should do that too.

The Bonus Tip!

People always tell you the above basic tips, but do they ever tell you that you can increase the Gig rankings the same way you rank a website on Google? People always talk about promoting your Gig, but the one thing you can do is make more social signals and backlinks for the Gig. Here’s how you are going to do it:

  • After Publishing the Gig, go to the social media websites and look for people who might be searching for the topics you are selling as a gig. Copy the link of your Fiverr Gig and post that over there in the comments.
  • Look for blogs that might need your service and comment while telling the people that you can help them. Getting your comment approved would depend upon how detailed your comment is. Make sure that you read what the blog is about and then comment.
  • If you have a website, try and write a blog about the Gig’s related keywords and then link your Fiverr Gig in it.

If you follow all the steps above, we guarantee that your Gig is going to rank for a long time.