Google has a habit of bringing a lot changes each year. They don’t say that out loud because usually they are small. Whenever they are about to hit the internet hard, they make sure that they make an announcement. Every time Google has released an update, a few site owners became happy while the others wept themselves to sleep. The Google January 2020 Core Update has been rolled out and it has had some adverse effects to some of us.

There are still a lot of people who have been left confused about this news. To make things clearer, yes there was an update that Google Rolled out and there is no proper documentation to what was included in the algorithm that has caused the traffic of a lot of websites to ‘Dance’.

What are we sure about the Google January 2020 Core Update?

Bad Content:

The Google 2020 January Core Update’s only thing we are sure about is that the people who didn’t have good content and those who were trying to make money off ad-sense have been hit bad. Google’s official statement reveals that Google will be making sure that their users get the best of the best. They will prefer websites that have more detailed content to those which only exist for the purpose of making money.

Experts will be Prioritized:

The Google team also said that from now on they would appreciate the posts from the people who are experts in their field and have a lot of citations pointing to them. This means that the posts written by the people who are experts of their fields will perform much better In the SERPs.

A lot of Pakistanis have been confused about how they can tackle this update, so this post will help them understand what happened and suggest them how to ‘Survive” in this situation.

The Biggest Sites Saw a Decrease in Backlinks and Traffic:

If you are one of those who were hit by the January Core 2020, you should know for the peace of your mind that you are not alone. The biggest names in Pakistan were hit, and they too suffered. Here’s a backlink report of a few major sites. Now we can not name them for privacy purposes, but you can see from the traffic that these guys are huge.

This also shows the image from Ahrefs and the facts about the Core Update.

As you can see that there has been a substantial drop in the traffic. Here’s one more:

The image shows how the Google January 2020 Core Update has effected Pakistan.


The first reason this happened is because these guys don’t have posts that were lone enough. They had a lot of “Zombie Pages” and had a great number of links that were made by using grey hat tactics. The recent Google update revolves around the number of valuable pages that a website has. Google has always hated pages that were “Zombies” and they are finally doing something about it.

The second reason is that a lot of content they had was duplicated. They had Metas and Alt-Texts that were not really for the user, so Google’s Update took care of that.

What can you do:

  • Cut down the “Zombie Pages”:

If you want to make things better fast, make sure that you identify the dead pages and cut them off. You will have to be careful doing that. You don’t want to destroy the internal links that you have successfully created.

  • Disavow the Bad Backlinks:

Backlinks are like a word of mouth. The more a website has, the better it will look to Big G’s Algos. Imagine that you had to go to an eatery with your loved one and you were faced with 2 options. 1 option has been visited by a lot of people and they recommend it and the other is the one that has been a ghost town for a long time. Which would you choose? The SEs work the same way. The better-quality backlinks your site have the better you’ll rank. Making spammy backlinks has taken a toll on your beloved site, and you need to disavow them in the Webmasters.

  • Publish Content that is Longer:

Each post you publish should be aimed for the audience. You don’t want the bot to be your reader. Make sure that the posts you publish are long enough to give the user the information he came looking for. According to a study by Brian Dean, the owner of Backlinko, content that is longer and better than the competition will outrank the others. This technique was coined by him as the Skyscraper Technique.

  • Become an active member of the Social Communities:

It is not an easy way to get yourself cited on Wikipedia. So, there is another solution to the problem of getting content from an “expert”. Become an active part of Social Media. Answer questions on Quora, make a profile on LinkedIn, participate actively on Facebook Posts, and write better than everyone else! That’s the ultimate advice we can give.

How long will it take to recover?

This can only be determined by the knowledge you have on your subject and SEO. IF you know what you are doing, you will recover quite quickly. We did this for a client of ours and saw improvements in a week. In fact, the client’s traffic is now steady and increasing day by day.

Here’s a screenshot of the results:

This is the image of the ss from Ahrefs. It explains the client that MSA Digital Marketing is helping.

Make sure that you follow these guidelines and you will surely start performing much better, and if you still need help with SEO and want an agency to look after your site, we’ll be happy to help you with it. Put your credentials in the contact form and we will contact you ASAP.

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